Thursday, 29 October 2015

Oct 29, Nanaimo River Estuary

A quick trip to this nearby birding hot spot proved to be eventful this morning.  The drive along the river resulted in 27 Barrows Goldeneye, a rather common winter bird for the area, but a bird that I twitched many times in Ontario and more times than not, got skunked on.

Another common bird for this spot was a Northern Shrike, which many of us watched make a failed attempt at a Dark Eyed Junco (at about 10ft from where we were standing).

The big prize was a Short Eared Owl; with good, but distant views, we were able to observe this owl for a short amount of time.

Having only been in BC for 23 days, I have managed to see 104 species in that time.  There are ~30 birds nearby that I need for the province ticklist, hopefully I pick them up before next year.

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